Waste Calculator

We know it can be hard to estimate the size of waste collection needed, but there’s no need to be concerned. With our online waste calculator, we can guide you towards the right choice and if there’s still more or less rubbish to collect on the day, we’ll handle it!

Standard Pricing

To give you a guide on costs, we have some standard pricing based on the size of waste collection:

Up to 2 items

1 Cubic Yard / 1y³ / 0.76m³

Approx. 1 sofa and 1 washing machine


Small Load

2 Cubic Yards / 2y³ / 1.53m³

Approx. 2 sofas and 2 washing machines


Medium Load

4 Cubic Yards / 4y³ / 3.06m³

Approx. 4 sofas and 4 washing machines


Large Load

7.25 Cubic Yards / 7.25y³ / 5.5m³

Approx. 6 sofas and 6 washing machines


XL Load

14.5 Cubic Yards / 14.5y³ / 11m³

Approx. 12 sofas and 12 washing machines


If you are still unsure of the collection size you require, please call our customer service team on 01865 346 000 who will be happy to help.

Regional Availability

The Zero service is currently only available across Oxfordshire in specific postcodes, but we will be expanding the service to neighbouring regions soon, so if you need help with waste disposal and you’re in Oxfordshire or the surrounding areas, get in touch.